OverDrive shares rumors around Astralis, Vitality and Envy

Insider Alexei "OverDrive" Biryukov in his Telegram channel shared the latest rumors on the professional CS: GO scene concerning the teams Astralis, Vitality and Envy. The source of the published information, which he himself considers unlikely, has not been disclosed.

Biryukov said that early next year, NIP sniper Nikolai "device" Ridtz will return to Astralis. It is this decision of the player that is the reason for the absence from recent tournaments, and not the sudden deterioration in health, as stated by his current team.

And Vitality is likely to ditch plans to restructure the roster, which involved Danish trio Emil "Magisk" Raif, Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen and Danny "zonic" Sorensen. However, it should be noted that the authoritative insider Guillaume "neL" Ratier declares the upcoming changes in the French team as an irreversible process.

As for Envy, who left the CS: GO scene in early 2021, she plans to form a new roster around Kenny "kennyS" Shrab. It is noteworthy that the experienced Frenchman in November announced his decision not to move to Valorant, which he had been thinking about for the past few months.

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