neL: "The head of G2 could have gotten ZywOo for $ 100K, but he didn't."

Insider Guillaume "neL" Ratier in his Twitter commented on the information about the transfer of the player of the NAVI academy Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov to G2, the cost of which, according to him, was $ 600 thousand. He noted that earlier the CEO of G2 Carlos "ocelote" Rodriguez had the opportunity to acquire the star sniper Mathieu "ZywOo" Erbo for six times cheaper.

"The head of G2 could have gotten ZywOo for $ 100,000, but he didn't. Same as selling Bitcoin when it was only $ 180."

In a discussion on this post, Ratier confirmed rumors that G2 did not sign ZywOo because it was widely believed at the time that the young Frenchman was a cheater.

Recall that information about m0NESY's transition to the "samurai" camp was reported by several insiders at once. According to sources, the transfer amount was $ 600,000, and NAVI retained the right to buy the Russian player first.

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