The sixth week of Operation Waters of Prey has begun in CS:GO

In Operation Waters of Prey, week 6 missions titled Jungle Rumble are available. Players are presented with four new tasks in different game modes, completing which you can get a maximum of six stars.

List of missions "Rumble in the Jungle":

- Ordinary Piranha: Perform a streak of kills on the map from the Sigma group in the Deathmatch mode (3 kills in a row ⇒ 5 kills in a row ⇒ 7 kills in a row) (★ ›★› ★).
- Win the 21st round or win one match on Nuke in Partner Mode (★★★).
- Black Crane: Perform rifle kills on Blacksite in Guardian Mode (★★).
- "Yellow-fronted Amazon": Get 15 kills with alien weapons or 7 kills with alien weapons in one match on the map from the Delta group in Normal mode (★★).

Operation Waters of Prey began on September 22nd. It is divided into sixteen weeks, each containing a series of missions. For completing tasks, the player receives stars, which open up access to premium pass rewards.
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