Mouz NXT - champion of WePlay Academy League S1 Finals

The winner of the first season of the WePlay Academy League is mouz NXT. In the grand final, mousesports' youth roster beat Young Ninjas with a score of 3: 1. At the same time, the rival of the 'mice' started the decisive match with a one-map advantage as the winner of the upper bracket.

Mouz NXT made it to the LAN-finals of WePlay Academy League Season 1 as the best team in the online part of the tournament. In Kiev, where the decisive games took place, the Europeans defeated BIG Academy and fnatic Rising, losing only to Young Ninjas in the final of the upper bracket.

Final bracket of WePlay Academy League Season 1 Finals:

Prize fund distribution:

1.mouz NXT - $ 45k
2. Young Ninjas - $ 20 thousand
3.fnatic Rising - $ 15K
4. BIG Academy - $ 8 thousand
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