Terms and Conditions

Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully. By using our services you are accepting that you are aware of all the terms of service and the content of this document.

Boosting services mean that we will play with you until you get the ordered rank. After placing an order, you cannot play on your account without our employees until the order is completed. Otherwise, we will cancel your order without the possibility of a refund. You can play on your account only if you agree with our manager.

1.1 Customers Order
Your order is only about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

1.2 Payment methods
In our service, you can pay in several ways, such as: Stripe and Coinremitter. In rare cases, we also accept Steam Skins. If we do not have a suitable payment method for you, then contact the support service and they will help you.

1.3 Refunds
According to the rules of Faceit and ESEA, account sharing, multiple accounts and boosting are prohibited. Therefore, you assume all risks, and we do not guarantee the future of your account and in case of an accident we do not refund the money paid. A refund is possible at the request of the customer in the amount of 40% of the paid cost, if your order has not started within 2 hours from the date of payment.

1.4. Payment Frauds
If we notice that you are trying to deceive us or are engaged in fraud, we have the right to permanently block your account by submitting complaints to Faceit and Valve.