NAVI Operations Director: "We will only work with those who have left Russia.


The Operations Director of the Ukrainian eSports club Natus Vincere Alexei xaoc Kucherov spoke about the future of the Russian players of the organization. The manager shared the details during the broadcast on Mikhail Olsior Zverev's channel on Twitch.

Alexei Kucherov:
"We will work only with those who left Russia, and immediately began to implement this plan. Of course, there are different moments: visa, somewhere to make someone some documents, passports - some people didn't even have that. We began to implement this issue and slowly move our squads - this is Serbia for the most part, literally a few players moved to other countries. Just because we haven't been in touch doesn't mean it's not happening. We've been working on it."

On May 28, the Russian Kirill Boombl4 Mikhailov left Natus Vincere CS:GO. Representatives of the club in an official statement noted that this decision was due to "high reputational risks," rather than sports results. At the time of publication, the organization had not named the new roster member.