The main losers of PGL Major Antwerp



On May 17, the Legends stage of the PGL Major Antwerp 2022 for CS:GO ended in Belgium. The top eight teams remained in the game, while the other eight went to pack their bags and prepare for their vacation. The penultimate round of the World Championship was not without surprises: unexpectedly, Cloud9 won only one match out of four, and G2 Esports failed to cope with the Brazilians from FURIA Esports, even despite the excellent play of Ilya m0NESY Osipov.


The main losers of the current majors without hesitation can be called the players of Cloud9. The Russians who came to the tournament, seemingly having finally solved all the external problems, found themselves in a broken state and could not compete on equal terms even with, at first glance, not the most formidable opponents. Vladislav Gorshkov's Ninjas in Pyjamas had already beaten them, more than once, and did it quite convincingly. And as for the meeting with Imperial Esports, the oldest team in the tournament, we want to cry here. 3:16 in the decisive Mirage is definitely not the result that is expected from a team from the top-5 world ranking. 



In my opinion, the problems of Cloud9 obviously don't have their roots in Antwerp. A little less than a year ago, in July 2021, IEM Cologne 2021 took place in Cologne, and I was present at the online press conference of the participants of then Gambit Esports. "The online era is already our era. The LAN era has just begun, and our goal is to make it ours as soon as possible, too," Abay HObbit Khasenov said at the time, reminding reporters of the world rankings from, which his lineup was leading at the time. "We want to prove to everyone that we can play as well as we do online. That's our main goal - to prove to everyone that we can beat every team in every tournament," nafany agreed with his teammate. Since then, HObbit and nafany, along with the team, have really proven a lot. Unfortunately, including the fact that they are completely unprepared for LAN, as evidenced by the whole of the past year.

Since July, nafany played in six major LAN tournaments, five of which (except for the Belgian major) made it to the playoffs. And now for a look at the team's playoff stats. At those five tournaments, Cloud9 (ex-Gambit) played nine bo3 series, winning only four of them. Hardly anyone would argue with my assertion that the best teams in the world don't play the playoffs on LAN with a win rate of 44%. Also, the best teams in the world don't make the mistake of picking Nuke against FaZe Clan at random during bans and picks. The best teams in the world don't forget to bring a bomb to the point in the crucial overtime round against Imperial Esports in a major elimination match. The best teams in the world don't finish the majors with an average individual player rating of one.