How does it work?
Once you have selected the respective service, you can place the order and proceed to checkout. Once you have successfully paid for the order, send the letter to our mail | From here, the customer service representative is your personal manager. They will notify you about the date of order processing, and any additional job details.
What are your working hours?
We are available 24/7
If I order right away, when could we start?
We start fulfilling the order an hour after confirmation of payment
Can I get a ban for using your services?
We don't use cheats, exploits, bugs or boost with bots when processing the order. You cannot get banned for our rank boost in CS:GO. If we are speaking about the rules of such leagues as Faceit and ESEA, using any services to boost the level or elo violates the rules of the platform. Accounts sharing, having multiple accounts as well as boosting is prohibited. Therefore, this makes you exclusively responsible for such violations. However, this is only a formality based on the fact that we have never faced account ban situations given that we always apply the necessary security measures.


Can I play CS:GO and other games during the boost?
Once you entrust your account to us, you won't be able to play CS:GO or other games while we are working (contact your personal manager for more information). However, if you have chosen the boost in the lobby and personally play with us, you can still play, except for on the platform where the boost is currently being implemented.
What data should I provide, if I purchased the boost together with an account transfer?
We would need your Steam and Faceit/ESEA accounts in case you purchased boost on one of these platforms. We can do our work more efficiently if Steam Guard recovery codes are provided. We need them to ensure booster can log in to your Steam account any time without waiting on a response.
If I order the boost in the lobby, will highly-ranked accounts play with me?
There is no accurate data since we use the accounts of our clients. Therefore, the rank can be significantly different.
How much time is needed for my order to get processed?
Boosters makes 12+ wins a day. 300+ Elo if we take Faceit, and on matchmaking or ESEA, you can get from 2 to 5 rank-ups.
Is rank boost in MM without prime available for purchase?
No, we do not deal with MM rank boost without prime.
I purchased boost on 5 wins. What if booster lose one of the games?
Under the number of wins we understand the number of flawless wins, without loses. This means that if booster lost one of the games, they will have to recoup the lose to continue. For example, the booster won 4 games and lost the 5th game. In this case, the booster will need to get 2 wins without loses to complete the order.


Where do you get the accounts you sell?
Faceit and ESEA accounts are done by Elolunter team members with the help of plain smurfing. We do not use forbidden methods to boost Elo and Rank. All our accounts without linked steam guard and phone numbers and going with original e-mail.
If the account I purchased is banned, will you return my money?
Unlike a matchmaking ban, a ban in leagues such as Faceit or ESEA is issued on the fact of a violation, and not after a while. This means, that in case the account was banned and account selling was completed, the customer is completely responsible for ban.
If I purchase the account on Faceit, can I get banned for using multiple accounts?
Yes, you can get a ban for using multiple accounts. A lot of clients do not comply with the New Account – New Identity principle. The most important thing is to create a unique nickname, complete your profile and hide the fact that your account is smurf. Do not use old nicknames or any that may be similar to your old ones. Also, do not reveal the fact that you are the owner of multiple accounts.
When I purchase an account in your shop, will I get account details right after the checkout?
Yes, our customer support agents are responsible for accounts delivery during working hours. Almost immediately after checkout, you will receive the credentials for the account you purchased via email or any other contact address that was provided during checkout. You will receive Steam, Faceit or an ESEA account, and original e-mail.
Is there any chance the Steam account will be recovered?
Accounts produced by us cannot be recovered since they do not contain any transactions and receipts. Furthermore, when purchasing, you receive complete information via the provided email address.